smart buy

how to reduce food waste when shopping for cooking ingredients?

this work is a part of 'behind eco-design', a design studio based research, that deals with eco-friendly issues that we have accepted uncritically in the food culture field. 'smart buy' project focuses on solving the question of how to reduce food watse when shopping for cooking ingredients.

the project started with investigative research at emart (one of the biggest korean mart system), including observation research, and interviews (customer and mart's staff). the problems then was addressed. with the current system, customers found it’s hard to find the “sale” products (76% of them state that they do not know emart has fresh food sale system, and 62% of the customer also prefers to have all sale products at 1 'sale' section. therefore, the task now is to make the 'purchasing making-decision process' easier for customers, when it comes to sale products.

final proposal contains 2 main parts: making the sale section (smart buy) and raising awareness campaigns for the section. smart buy section will have all sale products in food category. with the icon of smart buy and detailed description. the plan also proposes two raising awareness campaigns, (1) smart buy eco-bag and (2) a short advertisement.

'behind eco-design' exhibition was held in seoul national university's exhibition hall, in 2019.

full research project: smart buy project, and behind eco-design project

seoul national university
eco-design research, marketing campaign, identity design
professor lee jang sub
researcher: vu vy anh

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