korea & vietnam

through the lens of food

This project utilises visual communication design to uncover the subtle connection between South Korea and Vietnam, focusing on the realm of culinary art. The illustrations draw inspiration from the traditional painting styles of the two countries: Minhwa from Korea and Dong Ho from Vietnam. Hanji, a traditional Korean paper, was chosen as the printing material for the project.

The solo exhibition showcasing this project was held at Seoul National University in 2021.

seoul, south korea
solo exhibition
art direction, illustration, graphic design, exhibition planning

special thanks to
professor lee jang sub
미추홀인쇄소 printing shop
family and friends

Original Image Vietnamese Broken Rice with Grilled Pork
Modified Image Korean Marinated Pork Ribs

Original Image Pho, Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup
Modified Image Korean Ox bone Soup

Original Image Vietnamese Fried Fish Ball
Modified Image Korean Fish Cake Soup

Original Image Banh Mi, Vietnamese sandwich
Modified Image Korean Seaweed Rice Rolls

Original Image Vietnamese Lotus-scented Green Tea
Modified Image Korean Lotus Flower Infusion Tea

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